What is the worst that could happen?

Sometimes, you need to take risks. If you take it, you may gain valuable experiences, money or more than you can imagine. Yet, there is the possibility of loss if you take risks. This decision can be paralysing.

In this instance, consider the worst that can possibly occur. For some, the worst case can be losing relationships, losing reputation or losing money. At the very, very worst, you could lose your life or the life of others.

Like driving a car for the first time, the worst case is an accident, with a wrecked car and possible loss of life.

Once you have considered the worst, prepare for it. Make contingency plans. Put together an emergency kit/contacts/money. Get car insurance, life insurance, and have emergency contacts tucked in your wallet for the possible car accident.

When you consider the worst, the worst might not be as bad as it seems. Because you confronted it, your fears reduce, and you gain a sense of ease and confidence. Now that you're familiar and prepared for the worst, you are ready to take risks and achieve your goals.