Take Care Of The Future

The past shapes the present. Whether good or bad, your current situation is the consequence of the thoughts and actions made in the past.

Your current health condition is the result of past unhealthy habits. Your current social support network is the outcome of the time and effort in building loving relationships.

You may regret how things turn out today. And yet, you cannot return to the past to change it.

With mindfulness, you can learn from the past, which informs our present thoughts and actions. Because the past shapes the present, the present influences the future.

Thus, the future is the outcome of the present. With the past as your teacher, your present thoughts and actions shape your future.

If you eat a healthy diet today, your health will be maintained in the future. If you learn a skill today, you will be more skilful in the future.

The only exception is that you cannot control external circumstances. You only have control over your thoughts and actions. All things being equal, the best way to care for the future is the care for the present.

Note: Inspired by Be Free Where You Are by Thich Nhat Hanh