Don't Chase People

Our virtual lives have made ghosting an easy option to end relationships. Ghosting is when someone leaves you without an explanation. No calls, no messages and no responses to your calls or messages.

There are many reasons why people disappear. One reason is they stop caring. If you don't care, it is easier to not respond and ignore.

If you care, you will reach out through calls, texts, or other ways to maintain the relationship. Likewise, if others care, they will do the same. Or, at the very least, respond to your calls or texts.

When you chase a ghost-er, you try to gain their attention and prove your importance to them. But, you don't need their attention or connection. You are important. Those who are in your life know that too. Keep those connections instead.

Suppose others choose this method to end a relationship. In that case, it tells you something about their shortcomings and not about problems with you. Besides, why would you want to keep uncaring people in your life?

So, stop chasing people. Start trusting in yourself, move towards greater things and people who care.