Start A Motivation Ritual

Sometimes, you need a little motivation, especially when you face a mountain of challenges.

You cannot always rely on others to give you motivation. To keep motivated, you need to create your own motivation ritual. A Motivation Ritual is a collection of simple and easy-to-accomplish actions before starting difficult work.

These actions help get you excited and in the right mindset. By accomplishing the most straightforward steps, you can reduce warm-up time and dive straight into important work.

To establish a motivation ritual, first think of the most strenuous work you need to accomplish regularly, such as facing your temperamental boss or going to the gym.

Next, identify the right mindset and the small actions needed, to get you into that mindset. It could be listening to your favorite pick-me-up song on the way to the gym. Or reflect on your family photography before meeting the boss. Finally, put all the things in the right place to start your motivational ritual. Put the CD in your car, or keep your family photo in your wallet.

You are now ready to start your motivation ritual!