Build New Habits For A Healthier Life

People are creatures of habit. A habit is an automatic and unconscious behaviour that occurs regularly and repeatedly. Habits are familiar and require little energy. With habits, people become unaware of their behaviours and their impact on themselves and others.

Gambling. Comfort eating. Emotional shopping. Nail-biting. Endless social media scrolling. The list goes on.

With determination, you can shape your habits to lead a healthier life. Establishing healthy habits reduces distraction and helps you focus on the things that matter.

To build new habits, focus on the start of habit formation. Forget about the goal or results. Concentrating on the beginning of a habit helps you figure out the logistics.

Next is to show up regularly and consistently. Showing up means being at the time and place of habit formation. Once established, you can further refine your habit.

For example, to meditate regularly, you arrange a cushion in a quiet corner and a daily alarm as a reminder to sit on the cushion.

Over time, people can change their habits and, subsequently, their behaviours and, ultimately, their life.

Inspired by James Clear's Atomic Habits