How Leading A Simple Life Brings Happiness

A life of excess and sophistication can bring lots of excitement and adventure. Yet, an extravagant life comes with untold stresses, anxieties and perpetual loneliness. Stress comes from the potential loss of status or things. Worries come from the envy and criticisms of others. Loneliness occurs because extravagance trumps relationships.

A simple life means to live with just enough, no excess nor deprivation, keeping only necessary things to maintain a healthy and happy life. Borrow or rent items that are used occasionally. Donate or recycle things that are no longer useful or bring joy.

A simple life also means engaging only in necessary actions. Remove yourself from time-wasting conversations or activities. Engage only in activities that enrich your soul, progress towards your goals, or help others lead a better life.

A simple life is not devoid of meaning, excitement or adventure. You come to realise that happiness and pleasure cannot be found in the accumulation of material things or engaging in superficial socialising.

A simple life encourages honest living by making time and space to recognise and embrace every part of yourself. Happiness can be found in living simply.

I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind. – Albert Einstein