Make Meaningful Procrastination

Procrastination is a form of resistance.

Procrastination manifests in being late, keeping busy, and doing everything except what is most important. People procrastinate because the task does not serve their personal priorities.

You may have accidentally said "yes" to doing things that are not of your highest interest. Often, it is difficult to back out when you have agreed to do the tasks.

Meaningful procrastination means postponing low priority tasks to focus on your personal priorities.

Others will begin to see that while you politely and graciously agree to do something, your priorities are elsewhere. Then others will recognise that they are taking up your valuable time and energy. They are less likely to take your efforts for granted.

Allow yourself to procrastinate on work or tasks that do not serve your priorities. Only work on the tasks when you have the time and energy.

Otherwise, postpone it. Delay it. Avert your focus to the most essential of things.