Just Like Me

People come in all shapes and sizes. Every person goes through different experiences, carry different thoughts and feel different emotions. Like a snowflake, not one person is alike.

Often these differences overpower us. Society constantly convinces us that the "different others" are dangerous and their sole purpose is to destroy our existence.

It is us versus them.

This is not true. We have just as many similarities as we have differences.

The denial of our common humanity perpetuates division, chaos and death. We need to fix this.

The first step is to increase empathy towards others. To do this, you observe others without judgement. Identify and recognise the similarities of yourself with the other. Reinforce this by saying,

Just like me, he/she/it... <insert observed similarity>.

For example, Just like me, he is tired and hungry. Just like me, she wants to be recognised and appreciated. Just like me, it is looking for love.

With continued practice, you build connections rather than sow division; foster harmony rather than incite chaos; support life rather than promoting death.

Note: "Just Like Me" practice is inspired by Welcoming the Unwelcome by Pema Chodron.