To Stay Or To Leave?

Should you stay? Is it better to leave?

One day, you might meet someone who constantly blames you for all their pains. When you share your problems, they dismiss it, berate you and even claim to have more significant issues than you.

They can be your family members, friends, colleagues or your neighbour. But, some people cannot change. Their past traumas have hardwired their personalities.

You may give them the benefit of the doubt. Despite their monstrous behaviours, you may believe they are inherently good.

Over time, you might believe they are right and that everything is your fault. Worst of all, you may think you are inherently evil and take in all their negativity.People who genuinely care will listen, respond to your needs and support you in whatever way they can. They will NOT berate you for making themselves feel better. Neither will they manipulate you to behave in a way that is acceptable to them.

Your decision to stay or leave is determined by one thing... whether you put for yourself or the other first.

Stop being the target of another's anger or blame. Decide to care for yourself and put yourself first.