Protect Yourself From Toxicity

Toxicity spreads through words. A collection of words contain ideas, opinions or beliefs and, most importantly, contagious emotions. If people are not mindful, these words become poisonous and bring suffering upon others.

If unaware, people absorb toxicity readily. Complete absorption occurs when others believe and perpetuate the toxicity to others.

Don't be one of them. Protect yourself.

First, identify the presence of toxicity. When words are shared through conversations, chats or any media, observe others' reactions. Does it bring joy or sadness? Peace or chaos? Happiness or frustration?

Next, identify the source. Where does it come from? A social media post with misinformation or a person blinded by their anger, jealousy or hatred?

Thirdly, protect yourself. Don't take the words personally. It belongs to the source. It's not yours. See these words as gifts and you maintain the right to reject or return them. Once returned, thank them for the lesson and wave goodbye.

Finally, if you can, protect others too. Make others aware of the presence of toxicity and what it can do to them.

Stay awake. Stay aware. If you're unsure, listen and trust your instincts.