Love & Loss

Love and loss shape our lives. All of the world's stories and history involve love and loss. People are most vulnerable at this time.

Love is when there is a deep connection with a thing or another person. Love comes with attachment, care and concern. It is also the recognition of ourselves in the other.

Loss is when someone or something can never return to its previous state or return at all. A loss can be a stolen wallet or lost luggage. A loss can be a home destroyed by flood or fire. A loss can be losing a loved one to another person or to death itself.

You can choose to be immune to human vulnerability by not having love. But this makes you cold and detached. You can become secure by controlling everything and everyone to avoid loss. But this makes you a lonely dictator. The more you strive to be invulnerable, the less human you become.

To be human is to learn to love, experience loss and repeat this over and over again.

Note: Inspired by The Sorcerer's Burden by Paul Stoller