Take It Easy. Everything Always Happens At The Right Time.

Every object and living being evolve in its own rhythm and moves at its own pace. When a specific set of elements come together, things happen.

The rainbow only appears when the sun, the rain, and the observer are there. If one is missing, the rainbow doesn't exist. The sun rises and sets each day. The alchemy of water and wind forms wispy or bulbous clouds and flows across the sky. The person on their daily routine passes a clear view of the sky. When the sun, rain and observer are at the right place and time, the rainbow stretches magnificently high above.

The right elements need to come together in the right place and time for things to happen in life. To be promoted, you need the right position, talent, and leader. To find love, you need to meet the right person in the right emotional and mental state.

When things don't happen, don't fret. The right things are not in the right place yet.

When things do happen, be grateful for everything happens at the right time.