Distraction Is Not The Best Cure For Boredom.

In a brief moment of inactivity, no work, no conversations, no running of errands, boredom sets in.

Boredom is an unpleasant condition. It is difficult to describe yet transient. In boredom, people become disengaged with the activity at hand or the surrounding environment. To bored people, the world is under-whelming, lacking stimulation.

The simplest cure for boredom is distractions. Colourful screens and other vices become the medicine. But, distractions encourage poor choices, kill productivity, sap mental energy and lead to unhealthy lifestyles.

For some, medicine becomes an addiction, and it is dangerous. Addiction is an obsessive pursuit of hedonism that wastes the body, wilts the mind, degrades the spirit.

Boredom is a warning. The underlying problem of boredom is detachment from the present moment. The eyes cannot see. The ears cannot hear. The skin does not feel. When detached, you feel like you're floating in space, ungrounded and directionless.

The true lasting cure for boredom is mindfulness, the practice of being in the here and now. Let your mind settle and gently befriend boredom. You can then gain clarity in pursuing a more meaningful life.