Devastating Tactics To Keep You Blindly Obedient

We are all susceptible to blind obedience. Blind obedience is when you're told to do something, and you follow without question.

Blindly obedient people are compelled to do horrific things, even when they are against it. Stanley Milgram had volunteers administer electric shocks to others as instructed by an authority figure, the researcher, for a learning experiment. Milgram's famous experiment attempted to understand why are ordinary people were willing to comply with violence and atrocities, like the extermination of Jews in WW2.

Blind obedience is used to gain and maintain power. It thrives in environments that lack discourse, lack transparency and rampant censorship. People are not allowed to question or express their thoughts. Blind obedience is also perpetuated by the pressure to conform, trust in authority, and dehumanisation. Most insidiously, authority figures assure their actions are done in the "best interest" of the people, even if it's a violation of laws or rights.

Yet, when you are aware of such tactics, some people choose to comply because they stand to lose more if they don't. It takes courage to refuse to do the wrong thing. Protect yourself by recognising these tactics and speak up against them.