Happiness Is Contagious

Everyone struggles. When people struggle, the mind focuses inwards, and negative emotions arise; stress, fatigue, frustration and anger.

When you find yourself struggling, you need to step back and ask yourself.

How can I be happier?

The quickest way to increase happiness is to make another person happy. Greet another with a smile. Share an umbrella on a rainy day. Spend light-hearted time with a loved one.

When you do something to make others happy, your spirit becomes light and your energy lift. Your mind is more open to alternative solutions. Your heart is more at ease in accepting help from others.

When you make others happy, it shows that you empathise with their struggles and care enough to lift their burdens, if only a little.

In turn, they are filled with love, light and happiness. They, too, will spread joy by doing something nice for someone else. Paying it forward.

Then, happiness becomes contagious. By caring for ourselves and others, happiness can spread and change society.

Do something nice for someone every day. Then every day, you spread a little bit of happiness.