Ask For It

We often assume that people close to us know what we want. After all, if we had spent so much time together, shouldn't they know about my likes, dislikes and all quirky habits already?

But, people are not mind-readers. No matter how close or how much they love you, they don't always know what you want. Then, you become disappointed because they are unable to meet your expectations.

The thing is that you are constantly changing, and so is everyone else. Change happens gradually and is frequently unnoticed. For example, having been inspired by a video on climate change, you join a protest the next day, your first protest ever.

Likewise, your close friend who had always loved meat was inspired by a documentary about veganism. The next day, your friend decides to become a vegetarian.

People cannot keep up with these changes. Even if they know us well, your likes and dislikes, values and principles change and vice versa.

And so, if you want something, ask for it. Be specific because it helps take out the hassle of guessing. If you don't ask, you only have yourself to blame.