Disappear To Be Yourself Again

Sometimes things don't work out. And, you'd want to melt into the floor, camouflage into the wall or "pouf" evaporate into the sky. You don't want to be heard, nor seen.

Other times, life can ask for too much. You give and give till you have nothing left. With another ask, you might just break down.

In times like these,

It is ok to disappear till you feel like you again. Anonymous.

Disappearing is self-care. People disappear to heal or to find themselves again.

When you disappear, you remove yourself from the demands of others and the pressures of a situation. It is like pressing pause on life to give yourself a breather. Other's voices get muted, and you can finally hear your voice again.

Disappearing is a gift you can give to yourself. It is the freedom to go where you want and without the chains of others' whims and desires.

In disappearing, you do what is needed to feed your soul or fill your cup. When the time is right, you become yourself again. You become whole, secure and ready to return to the world.