Home Is Sanctuary

The world is a harsh place. Yet, you need to venture out into the world daily. Outside, you navigate through street traffic and crowds. Prepare for temperamental weather; a coat for the cold, sweat-proof clothes for the humidity or an umbrella come rain or shine.

Harshest of all is navigating the toxicities of others. You find strategies to remain calm with angry clients, juggle office politics or the barrage of emotionally provoking news on social media.

Despite the harshness of the world, you need to rest, recover and replenish. The one place that can give you the needed respite is your home.

A home is a sanctuary where it is safe, nourishing and peaceful. Home is a place to unwind, heal and nourish yourself.

A safe home is where you're protected from the harsh environment and people to allow for rest and healing. A nourishing home is where you do positive things that energise you. A peaceful home is you can be yourself, without the criticisms and judgements of the world.

It is vital to create, protect and maintain your sanctuary. When you take care of your home, your home will take care of you.