The Myth of a Busy Life

For some, living a busy life is a sign of success. The endless activities and tasks provide a sense of achievement and progress. You fill up with pride when you see your colourful calendar. You can't help but think,

Oh, all these people need me. Things can't run without me.

Everyone wants to feel wanted and important. The truth is a busy life is only that... busy.

A busy life doesn't necessarily mean success, especially if you have not defined what success is to you. You are just a rat, running on a wheel, never going anywhere. Just running.

A busy life causes two big problems. Firstly, a prolonged busy life can lead to chronic stress, which subsequently deteriorates your health.

Worst of all, busyness is a distraction. It shifts your focus away from the things that matter. Before you know it, it will be too late to do the things you've always wanted to do.

Start learning painting or pottery. Spend time with your ageing parents. Say "I Love You" to lost love.

The busy life is a myth. Reduce busyness and start living your self-defined life of success.