Become A Master With Deliberate Practice

Every master dedicates years to developing, refining and perfecting their craft. Becoming a master takes a purposeful and methodical approach to practising their selected craft or skill, also called Deliberate Practice.

Deliberate practice is not simply mindless repetition. Masters deconstruct their discipline into smaller aspects, and each aspect is improved and refined before moving on to the next. Also, an element of feedback accompanies the practice to monitor progress.

Before a deliberate practice session, you must select a small yet specific aspect of a skill to improve upon. Focus on small errors and work towards eliminating them. To monitor progress, feedback is obtained from the guidance of others or from recording your performance.

For example, a singer can sing anywhere and at any time. Yet, singers improve tremendously with deliberate practice if they record their practice sessions, review their recordings, and make changes.

Deliberate practice is the only serious way of becoming better at what we are doing. Anders Ericsson

Inspired by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pools's Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise.