The Truth About Difficult Times: It Doesn't Last Forever

Life is a series of situations pleasurable and challenging situations. Yet when difficult times arise, you are washed over by a myriad of emotions; sadness, anxiety, frustration, or anger.

Everything in life has a beginning and an end. The sun rises and sets. A movie has an opening and closing credits. You embark, then terminate your career. People come and go.

In difficult times, your mind is fixated on the unresolved problem, and these negative emotions consume your heart. Every single moment. While difficult times may feel like they last forever, it does not.

Till the ending arrives, honestly review the situation. If needed, admit inexperience and seek support from others. Learn from the wise, kind, and experienced to avoid similar situations in the future. Identify solutions and take action to reduce frustration and anxiety.

When you know that nothing lasts forever, you find peace. Knowing impermanence is knowing that everything you make for yourself, for others, or this world will one day disappear.

This deep knowing will set you free, free to do everything, do nothing and everything in between. And so, difficult times will eventually disappear.

All of man’s troubles arise because he cannot sit in a room quietly by himself.