Ling Ling facilitates public and in-house workshops on various topics in psychology, social sustainability and professional development.

Photo by Chris Montgomery / Unsplash

If you are interested in any of the workshops below or prefer a customised workshop/talk, drop me an email.

Upcoming Workshops

Make Conscious Unconscious Bias
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16 February 2024, Online, In-house
This four-hour interactive workshop explores the power of unconscious bias and how it affects every aspect of our lives - decision-making, daily social interactions and relationships. By increasing our knowledge and making our biases conscious, we can reduce negative behaviours, build trusting relationships and create a safer and more inclusive workplace.

2023 Workshops

Stakeholder Management Basics
4 December 2023, Online, In-house
This is a 4-hour online workshop on the essential principles of stakeholder management. Learners will be able to use stakeholder mapping, draft a stakeholder management plan and effectively engage stakeholders in their organisation or community.

Psychological First Aid 101
20 September 2023, Online, In-house
23 July 2023, Online, In-house
29 April 2023, Kajang, Malaysia, Community

This is a 4-hour online or a full-day in-person workshop on Psychological First Aid. Learners will gain a basic understanding of psychological first aid and practice its skill in role-plays to support emotionally distressed people.

Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
27 April 2023, Online, Public
This is a 4-hour online workshop on Cultural Intelligence. Learners will gain an understanding of their cultural values and explore the cultural intelligence framework supported by case studies, group discussion and personal CQ assessment results.

Project Management Basics
6 September 2023, Online, In-house
This is a 4-hour online workshop on the basics of project management. Learners will explore each step of the project management life cycle, draft a project charter document and manage tasks using a Kanban board.