Ling Ling gives talks and presentations on psychology and social sustainability topics at panel discussions, round tables, conferences and conventions.

Photo by Edwin Andrade / Unsplash

Sage Asia Pacific
Mental Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity Talk
Online - 5 October 2023

Children's Training Centre
How did the Zomi adapt to life in Malaysia?
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 6 April 2023

Zomi Association Malaysia
How did the Zomi adapt to life in Malaysia?
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 15 March 2023

The North-South Initiative
Examining Zomi Refugees’ Psychological Adaptation with the Psychological Antecedents of the Refugee Integration (PARI) Model
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - 28 February 2023

International Council of Psychologists Conference
Round Table Discussions on Displaced Peoples
Online - 10 December 2022

PsyPAG Conference by the British Psychology Society
Examining Refugees’ Psychosocial Well-Being with the Psychological Antecedents
Online - 27 July 2022

Podthon 2019
Build your Digital Presence with Podcasts
Online - 4 August 2019

Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) Convention
Panel Discussion: The online opportunity for speakers - what delivers the best results?
One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore - 10 May 2019

Pecha Kucha Petaling Jaya
From Nobody to Southeast Asia's Leading Podcaster
Co-labs Co-working, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - 14 March 2019

Human Resource & Financial Literacy Learning Day
Ann-yeong-haseyo - Innovating and Enriching Our Staff Like Our Business
Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore - 7 May 2014

Psychology of Women Conference by the British Psychology Society
The Evolutionary Perspective of Sexual Aggression
Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK - 15 July 2009