Pamper Yourself Often

Life is full of stress. These stresses can be expectations placed on you, by others or yourself. When you are stressed, you become tense. With tension, there is an expectation of being someone you're not or doing something you're not used to.

Stress and tension are unavoidable. Yet, being in a state of pressure for a long time can make you lose yourself and forget about being your joyful and peaceful self.

Reconnect with yourself. Reduce tension through relaxation. When you're relaxed, you are in the flow. Flow is where the magic of you shines.

One way to relax is to pamper yourself. Pampering is the act of giving special treatment to yourself or others, such as a massage, a walk-in nature, or indulgence in favourite foods.

When you pamper, it makes people feel nurtured, relaxed and happy about themselves.

Yet, pamper is usually used as a reward. Many people indulge only when they feel they deserve it.

If pampering makes you feel good, why not do it often? When was the last time you pampered yourself?

Inspired by Life of a Daymaker by David Wagner