An Energising "Yes" Is Better Than A Non-Committal "No".

Inevitably, life will ask you to do many things. Your boss requests extra time. A friend asks for help, meaning more time and effort. A family member gets into trouble, and you need to bail them out again.

Over-committed or over-whelmed, it can be challenging to say "no" when people ask for help.

The world has limitless opportunities, so much so that our minds cannot comprehend. Saying "yes" to an uncertain path will close off other options that are better suited for you.

When presented with a choice and you become hesitant, the answer is "no". If you need to create a pros/cons list or use a complicated excel sheet, the answer is "no".

Likewise, when presented with a choice and you light up, the answer is "yes". A certain "yes" happens when a request fuels your energy or lifts your soul, that you are willing to do it for its own sake.

So, don't feel obliged to fulfil every request.

You always have a choice. Only accept tasks that is undoubtedly a "yes" for you.

Inspired by Greg McKeown's Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less